About Us

Supporting military readiness today and modernization for tomorrow

Defense BudgETT supports the strategic planning of U.S. military forces to ensure force readiness today and modernization for tomorrow. We provide our clients with software and consulting services that allow them to see a comprehensive, long-term projection of force structure decisions.

Our Enhanced Tradespace Tool (ETT) uses advanced decision modeling technology to help military leaders make the best acquisition and divestiture decisions. The PC-based planning tool projects future budgets, force structure, and capabilities based on alternative constraints. Users can run various scenarios to better understand the effects of modifications to cost and budget data; aircraft, land vehicle, and naval vessel inventory; and proposed buy quantities. The software can be customized to accommodate specific business rules, production rates, or other appropriate formulas.

Defense BudgETT consulting provides clients with additional, detailed analysis on force structure decisions. Our experts have decades of experience in defense analysis, military operations, and security policy development at all levels of the government. We are your partner in finding the best possible solution to complex, budget-constrained tradeoff questions.

Defense BudgETT can help you reach decisions that stand up to the test of time and Congress.